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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 26, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> an important lesson for any parent with young children. the little boys on the line belongs to a four year-old livia jensen who was in collected during a 911 call that may have saved her mother's life, her mother diana suffers from lupus disease were unable to move or speak sunday afternoon she collapsed in her living room and cannot talk. this dispatcher has 24 years' experience taking 91 calls, this
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afternoon the two were reunited with a hug and a few presents. >> she answered all my questions, she knew where she lived and she knew to ask her mom questions, she knew everything she needed to know. and no time did livia star to panic. it was also an emotional meeting today for her mother as she thanked j-lo for the good work while praising her daughter for no one what to do. i was trying to talk to my daughter
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but i couldn't get words out. so i laid my head down on the floor and i didn't tell her what to do she just did it. >> this is the first time that schmidt has ever met someone that she talked to over the phone. >> all dispatchers, every single one has handled a call like this but to be able to talk to someone as exceptional as livia and how well she did it reminds me of why i like to do the job. >> schmidt says she hopes all parents of young children will take this story to hard and make sure kids know what to do in case of emergency the girl's mother said she helped her daughter learn the information by using stickers. the above dozens of cats, some living and some dead removed from elgin home in a van today he is charged with a total of nine counts of animal cruelty and
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violation of a dead animal disposal the city worker trimming bush's spotted several dead cats in a van parked next to the house and told police, police and animal control found one dozen cats living in the house and as many as 60 dead cats in the one deadand one dead dog living in the van. i've never seen him before. >> they're taken to a veterinary hospital. still missing and nothing but a single cell phone call is a clue to one college students whereabouts. he left the party early saturday and has not been heard from since. search crews have been looking for a sign of him all day. >> 21 different law-enforcement
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agencies have been combing the harbor into portions of lake michigan as well as the land nearby in search of a diabetic who may have been out drinking with friends friday night before he disappeared. >> i don't know where he is. >> a heartbroken mother in the arms of her husband as they plead with the public to find their missing son. fliers have been filling north western evanston campus at the well mac harbor, the last trace of him is tied to his cell phone at 1:00 a.m. saturday a call registered steps from this sell tower in the water. >> the last signal from his cell phone came from this area he had been at a party in evanston earlier his cellphone pattern shows that he went from evanston to this area. his cellphone did.
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divers used sonar in the harbor into the lake as police officers took canine units to search, still nothing, five days with no answers and no signs of medulla. >> we are begging the people if you see anything about hasha please call the evanston police. >> students many of whom didn't even know the missing sophomore are pitching in to help any way they can the start of the school year overshadowed in evanston as news for the missing teen spread. >> i think the general sentiment is just surprise. >> i would want people to look for me and people to be concerned. >> he was described as a bookish kid who got straight a's and was excited to head back to campus this year. with few answers and
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even less close about where he is the boy's family tried to stay positive tonight. >> we have not lost hope. >> while the search may have been suspended for the evening families are hoping that a $25,000 reward will lead them to their son. anyone with information is urged to call the northwestern university police. >> pratt was arrested monday at o'hare after allegedly using credit cards in las vegas of victims that he killed and rogers park, a former kankakee prosecutor and his roommate were stabbed to death their apartment had been set on fire to cover up the crime pratt had roomed with them for a while. attorneys representing
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derek smith's lawyer says there are problems with the government's top witness beginning with his background. information on his background and about his arrest and the fact that he served and has been convicted of theft by deception there's a lot of information that goes to the heart of the case that the government has been unwilling to turn over. >> the u.s. attorney's office not commenting on pretrial motions but smith's legal team says they will not get a chance to see details on the confidential informant sooner than planned and they hope to persuade the judge to throw out the potentially incriminating recorded conversation part of the sting operation that according to prosecutors captured then a representative derrick smith accepting a $7,000 bribe. he hopes to win back the 10th district after fellow state
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legislators voted 100-6 to expel him after he was or rested. >> the irony is that there is a concern of efforts by a lot of democrats to have someone else elected someone who doesn't even live in the district. let's tyson is the man that anderson is talking about. yes, tyson concedes he lives just outside the tents after redistricting outside boundaries but he says he knows what's ailing people on the west side and he will bring a competent leadership to the 10th district. i am going to draft a bill that creates tax credits for employers to hire ex offenders and the only way to address the violence question in my opinion is not by looking folkslocking folks up. he worked
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with then state senator barack obama and he says derek smith needs to step aside. enough is enough, time is up selfless politics is over, the true democrats, myself are stepping up to make sure that we end the process. how about this a deal may be in the works that could end the nfl's referee strike. we are here with the latest on the negotiations. twitter is beginning to buzz. there is a game tomorrow night they will have to work fast if they are going to end the lockout for this week. they have apparently been talking all day the final
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hurdle we understand is just a little bit more money but the two sides are pretty close on most everything else it would be more like minor league call-up in major league baseball. they have reportedly taken at physicals or will take new physicals so they will be ready for the weekend. it's embarrassing obviously to everybody. >> coming up, cook county to close the budget deficit of more than $100 million why taxpayers will have to worry about filling that gap.
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tonight the symphony orchestra the chicago symphony orchestra playing again at the symphony center after ending the strike musicians have put down their picket signs and picked up their instruments that have ratified a new three-year contract that begins at the musicians eddie 4 and 1/2 percent pay hike over four years and health insurance. the teachers' union and the school board plead to drop their lawsuits regarding the layoffs and pay raises today the cts board held its first meeting since the tentative agreement the teachers' union official asked the board to release its plan which reportedly will close dozens of under enrolled and low
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performing schools. look at the teachers, really look at their curriculum doesn't provide the offering that you want a comprehensive exposure for your students does it really. >> a property-tax increase is not on the table county board president tony preckwinkle still wants to eliminate the remaining quarter of the 1 percent sales tax increase other ways the county might make up for the
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shortfall is by not filling vacant positions cutting employee health-care costs in tavern workers share county vehicles preckwinkle will present her budget next month. still ahead the battle for key swing states as both presidential candidates set their sights on the buckeye state and the president gets a not so warm reception during his last speech at the united nations and how men's facial hair becomes the not so secret ingredient in a beer.
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4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. fifth new polls put president obama and rival mitt romney into
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battle ground states he surpassed 50% in ohio florida and pennsylvania now in ohio where both candidates were today likely voters found that 51 percent support president obama and 41% mitt romney. president obama focusing on middle-class voters today when my opponent said we should just let. by a wide margin ohio voters believe that obama would do more for the middle class. when you cut through the words you could look through the records and when you can see policies that
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have not created the jobs american needs and you know it's time to choose a new leader, and get america growing again and get a new coach. ohio has picked a winner in the last 12 presidential elections. during that speech the u.s. delegation stated the iranian
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president was using his trip to spouse paranoid theories and propulsive slurs against israel. he never mentioned israel by name and his speech was not as provocative as some had expected. the american music world lost one of its legends. andy williams has died. williams died last night at his home in britain misery he was 84 years old. one of the most popular singers of his time, three platinum records and 17 gold and posted a variety of shows in the '60s. still ahead, watching what you eat labels can sometimes be deceiving, how you can make sure you are getting just what you
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bargained for.
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in tonight's medical watch as the october nears eating healthy doesn't have to be tricky 60 percent of americans are confused by food labels fall a few tips into a tree yourself to a better diet. the labeling and packaging really gets kids excited if you don't want to be fooled take a closer look at the label. it really does have a nice flavoring or try another treat not just for kids. i give these to my kids. eating 1.5
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ounces of nuts a day is beneficial for heart health. individually wrapped portion controlled into that is the perfect treat. if it's a nutrition are you crave beware. they really have artificial sweeteners they are sugar alcohols which can blow you or cause gas in distention look at your ingredients, are their ingredients you can pronounces and actually see in the product? that's very beneficial in six candy corn you are actually getting this much sugar, two and a little bit more teaspoons of sugar in 1 tsp. there is about 4 g of sugar, for men it's less than
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nine and for women this is over your daily allowance of sugar so not only for heart health but also for oral health. cereal. many times on the label you will see made with whole grains and people's eyes are drawn to that that's the real trick in this if you really look at the label uc 12 g of sugar per cup in this serial something like cheerios which are getting the health benefits you were only getting 1 g of sugar in a couple of that. another tip make your own salad dressing using oil vinegar and fresh lemon or lime. >> still ahead people around the world in town for the writers cup. how long the mild fall weather will stick around.
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in e f one tornado is bad enough to do some damage. still some very strong storms in extreme southern illinois tonight a number of serious hill reports coming out of that area. right now let's relive a few minutes of today. most of the clotting is dissipated by the afternoon. tonight we still have a few cloud patches around, temperatures we had a wind off the lake today and intended to keep our temperatures a little
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cooler than yesterday, this chart shows 67 which was the warmest temperature from noon until now. notice the heat down to the south and cool air up to the north omaha had 80 degrees we do have an 80 in our 7 day forecast it comes up next monday look at these numbers across the area it's chilly up there tonight and the wind is whistling off lake michigan wind speeds have been running generally in the 10-20 mi. per hour range the cool air will be retreating notice the warm air out to the west. next monday temperatures will gradually rise as we approach that. this area expecting a little dusty
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condition of course that is chicago that will continue up until about 1 or 2:00 in the morning may be weakening a little after that notice due. temperatures all little low in the '40's in most places we are looking at a cool night. part of wisconsin under a frosted by azeri tonight. notice the frontal boundary and big stars popping out down to the south in fact let's check in on the radar. we're also watching places like north texas in this central oklahoma powerful thunderstorms tonight and a low pressure system bringing some rains to parts of colorado. here's our forecast now first of all for tonight we're looking at a few clouds down to the south
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but generally clear skies up north. for tomorrow, mostly sunny light winds continue high- temperature upper 60s to about 71 in spots northeast winds continuing tomorrow night 43-51 a clear night beautiful and on friday just a beautiful day. still no rain in the 74 cast. good for us and maybe bad for the drought conditions. coming up the career of a detroit musician who gets a second shot at fame things to fans across the world.
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>> since for is going to south africa in 1998 rodriguez has built a loyal fans here here's his story of fame, a delayed but not denied. i am still cognizant and conscious. lincoln heights chicago september 20th as a sellout crowd 47 year-old musician discovered 43 years ago but he was too shy to face the audience he still wants to bring focus on the music rather than the fans. i usually have my eyes closed or i am sitting near other musicians in the band. rodriguez's first album colfax
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all song's original that he had himself, the billboard gave him a rare rave review predicting great success, his lyrics poetic intelligent and stifle creative reflective of the political times of his youth taking issue with power structures and encouraging defense warning the establishment's their days were numbers. the record lumber told rodriguez his album into the follow-up recorded in london went nowhere in the u.s.. >> i have no idea how your music came to south africa but i am extremely thankful and appreciative of that. >> somehow cold fact made its way to a apartheid south africa social restrictions on movies music and most certainly on lyrics. those are racy lyrics
9:41 pm
initially caused south african youth tension but it opened their minds to his political message which spoke to their frustrations with a closed society. the young generation learning about his music is really important. he is singing very soulful songs. the label dropped him the time and i rana cle reflected in the song he had already recorded. >> coz i lost my job to weeks before christmas... >> they dared south african fans to search for more information about the iconic singer commonly thought to have committed suicide.
9:42 pm
amateur detectives found record producesproducers by phone still working labor in detroit he had helped south africans rescue themselves into a day cross an ocean helping him resurrect his career. >> thanks for keeping me alive. >> those fans and the films they inspired educating american audiences about music they knew was here all along. rodriquez and now 70 eyesight failing still living a frugal life well below his means in the city where he was born. rodriguez gives away most of his earnings
9:43 pm
refusing the trappings of success. >> people understandably want to say hello and i don't mind that. >> undeterred and on better he is that a new phase of an old dream now selling at venues around the world big and small. >> i am scheduled to play carnegie hall in april so that's on the agenda. in an unbelievable moment of serendipity we were at motown precisely when denise of south africa was also there. we invited denise to see rodriguez at lincoln hall where she met to the man whose music helped young south africans play a role in ending the apartheid era.
9:44 pm
millions exhilarate by his show. >> i met the sugarman. if you would like more information about rodriquez you can log onto our web site you'll be able to share part one and part two of our story and by the way there is the searching for sugar men soundtrack and the re- release of cold fact amazingly 43 years after he wrote the songs they are as fresh and relevant today as ever. during the peace it does have a deal in sound. >> but very intelligent lyrics without any guise or maneuvering
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if you read along to the words while he is singing i cannot believe the songs are written 43 years ago. forget the clowns, one man found an interesting way to entertain a crowd and the kids party. so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month actually... eddie continues singing: two tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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guys with facial hair who like to drink beer worry about getting speared in their beer? if you're a fan of broke my crowberry you need to think about getting peered in your beer. they're known for their oddly named beers and sometimes odd flavor combinations developed from an ale from wild yeast rokes president says they tried to harvest younew yeast strains from their hawke yard but nothing developed. the beard birk was born. the president says you are really not drinking
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any beer if unless you happen to drink the yeast in it to that comes from a beard. >> we have a forecast a lot more compelling than a beard beer, temperatures will be very nice and earlier in the broadcast i misspoke in said monday we will hit 80, but notice that wednesday we expect 80 and should that occur that will be the 102nd time this year that 80 degrees has happened in the chicago area but in the meantime autumn weather is expected. and man in florida has found a truly wild way to celebrate he brings an alligator to your pool party.
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the gaidar will swim in your pool with you and your friends the mouth is taped shut you get a lesson in safety as well. >> we do a home and we have a pool, let's put the data in the pool and people were very leery at the beginning but it has taken off. >> baer says that he makes house calls when gaidargaidar tourism is slow but now he is being investigated by the wildlife commission. the indians were making the sox did deburred. and
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